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With the world constantly in peril, there’s only one ass-kicking old-timer the US government can trust to save everyone: General Blue Thunder. Follow his over-the-top adventures in this episodic action/comedy podcast series.

Created by Kenny DeStefano & Tim Martin

Mar 28, 2009

Professor Pulsar has planted a nuke somewhere in Hollywood and time is running out.  In order to stop him, Blue Thunder must reluctantly team up with a hard-boiled FBI agent to track down the location of the bomb.  But is everything as it seems?  WARNING: Contains Strong Language -- Created by Kenny DeStefano and Tim...

Jan 31, 2009

General Blue Thunder and a team of specialists have less than six hours to drill to the center of the earth and stop its core from overloading with energy.  If they fail, it will mean certain doom for the world.  But things become complicated when there appears to be a traitor among them. -- WARNING: Contains Strong...